North West Seen Crying Because She Hates Bowling, Her Aunts or Both

I feel pretty bad for North West. Just for a start her dad gave her a pun name in between Twitter meltdowns, that’s something she’s going to be dealing with in therapy for years. On top of that, she’s five years old and paparazzi are already following her around to get pictures of her.

I mean, yeah, she’s got famous parents, but as Hollywood Life reports, she was photographed having a tantrum while leaving a bowling alley with her mother. Imagine being her when she’s 25 and everyone is like “Hey, remember that time you were 5 and had a tantrum? So funny, look, here it is! And here’s some dude peeing on your mom!”

Every one of us has thrown a tantrum at some point in their lives, usually when we were North’s age but sometimes when you’re a teenager and a hotel won’t sell you booze or when you’re an adult and the Facebook guy doesn’t give you a million dollars.

And who can blame North for having a cry when she had to spend the day with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Wouldn’t you cry if that was you?

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