O.J. Simpson Thinks Khloe Kardashian Is His Daughter and He Wants to See His Granddaughter

There’s been a rumor for a while that Khloe Kardashian is actually O.J. Simpson’s daughter and not the daughter of his late friend and member of his legal dream team, Robert Kardashian. It would explain some things, like why Khloe is almost a foot taller than her sisters Kim and Kourtney and her devastating stiff-arm in Kardashian family backyard football games. Kris Jenner has long denied the rumor that she had an affair with The Juice, but according to RadarOnline, Simpson now believes Khloe is his daughter, so it seems likely the two did have an affair. I mean, it would be super extra nutso to think someone is your daughter if you didn’t sleep with their mother, right?

Since seeing pictures of baby True, a source said, “O.J. believes now more than ever that Khloé is his daughter, because True looks so much like his son Justin did when he was a baby.”

All babies kind of look the same, really. Big head, small body, looks vaguely like they’re balding. Imagine Tom Cruise if he got his chest waxed if you’ve never seen a baby before.

“Thinking about the possibility that she’s not a real Kardashian has always gotten her down, but now that she’s a mom, she’s super-protective,” a source said.

“There’s no way she’s going to introduce her daughter to a murder suspect!”

I mean, the only reason anyone has heard of these people and the reason they’re able to live their lavish lifestyles on our televisions is because of the money O.J. Simpson paid her father to keep him out of jail, so maybe don’t murder-shame. On the other hand…

“Now that he’s out of prison, he wants his family around, but he really doesn’t have much family left,” an insider noted. “If True is his grandchild, then he absolutely wants to be a part of her life.”

If you want your family around, maybe don’t murder the mother of your children. I’ll bet their aren’t a lot of Jewish waiters around O.J.’s pad, either.

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