‘Pacman’ Jones Beats Up Airline Employee

Adam “Pacman” Jones is getting into more off-field trouble. Except this time, it’s not totally his fault.


Frank Ragin, an Atlanta airport employee, and Pacman get into an initial argument that escalates when Ragin shoves the NFL cornerback. Ragin rolls with an overhand right and then avoids a nasty looking left hook that would have ended the life of a normal man.

They square up and Pacman misses wildly with another overhand right. Ragin shows off some good technique, landing a series of counter jabs as he moves backwards. Pacman smartly grabs a hold of Ragin’s shirt, pulls him in a bit, and finally connects with that overhand right he was searched for all fight. Ragin goes down for the count.

Pacman not only has some serious power, he has a hell of a chin. He ate those lefts and kept pressing forward, searching for the overhand right, like a modern-day Chuck Liddell.

Ragin’s biggest mistake, besides getting into a fight with a NFL player, was not circling away or throwing the straight right after the second jab. Moving back in a straight line is. recipe for disaster, especially when the other guy can grab your shirt. Ragin also could have used Pacman’s aggression against him and ducked under for a takedown.

Not only did Ragin get knocked the f**k out, he was the one who was arrested for instigating the fight. Authorities say Pacman was simply acting in self-defense.

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