Rita Moreno Says Brando Was Better in Bed Than Elvis

I don’t know how this story managed to fly under the radar for over a month, but it just started making the rounds on social media today. A few weeks ago, Rita Moreno, EGOT winner and star of screen and stage, appeared on Wendy Williams to promote her Netflix sitcom One Day At a Time.

It seems like pretty standard stuff, but eventually Wendy asked Moreno about her relationship with Marlon Brando, which Moreno said lasted on and off for eight years. One day she found out the Brando was cheating on her, and that just happened to be the day that Colonel Parker called to tell her Elvis Presley had seen her at lunch and wanted to meet her. Meet they did, and Moreno said Brando was so mad with jealousy he was throwing chairs, to which Moreno said “It was wonderful.”

Of course, Wendy asked her who was better in bed, and Rita didn’t even stop to think before saying, “Oh, honey… that’s like a 2-year-old and the king.” The king, in this case, being Brando, not Elvis, who Moreno said was “a sweet fellow. He was a very shy, handsome boy,” but that compared to Brando it was “amateur night.” And of course, Moreno’s daughter was in the front row of the audience for the entire exchange.

Man, Marlon Brando rocked everyone’s world, from Rita Moreno to Richard Pryor. And while the network censors only allowed Elvis to shown from the waist up because of the vulgar and erotic way he shook his hips while he performed, that was apparently all for show.

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Guillermo Perez Arguello
Guillermo Perez Arguello
5 years ago

This is a very old story, full of half truths. Elvis had a one nighter with her in 1957 and when Brando came to her place in early March of 1958 with the news he had just met Elvis at the Paramount Commissary, that is when she told him she had had an affair with Elvis, to make him jealous. But Elvis had the last laugh. Not only did he meet his maker, in 1977, loving and admiring Brando, but was spared of the terrible feeling Brando had, until his own death in 2004, about Presley. To make matters worse,… Read more »

5 years ago

That old bag has been telling that fable for attention for years, Elvis Never had sex with her.