Sacha Baron Cohen Ridding the House of Racists

Sacha Baron Cohen has claimed his first political scalp on Who is America?

Cohen, playing anti-terror expert Erran Morad, visits George state Representative Jason Spencer to teach him a little Krav Maga.

We quickly learn that Spencer is a douche who wants to ban burkas and that he can’t tell the difference between a terrorist in a burka and a normal woman in a burka.

Thing don’t get any better for Spencer.

First, he plays a stereotypical Chinese man in order to take an upskirt photo of a potential terrorist. Next, he screams the n-word to alert those around him that he’s in trouble. Finally, he drops his pants and literally shows his ass, believing if he touches a terrorist with his ass, they become gay.

Yup, these are the people in charge of making laws in our states.

Upon the release of this footage, Spencer has decided to step down from the legislature. Initially, he was going to remain in his position. But it’s pretty tough to comeback from yelling the n-word, even if the world already knows you’re a racist.

Guess the terrorists won.

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