Sacha Baron Cohen Will Make America Great Again

Sacha Baron Cohen made a surprise appearance on Twitter on July 4, playing a message from Donald Trump.

The teaser excited longtime fans of Cohen, who is famous for character work as Borat, Ali G, and General Aladeen. Over the weekend, Cohen released another teaser.

All we know thus far about Cohen’s new show is that it’s titled Who is America? and premieres July 15 on Showtime.

The two teasers and title let us know that Sacha will be working undercover to discover America in 2018. Sounds impossible, but who are we to doubt the great Sacha Baron Cohen? I’m most curious to see what he does with his degree from Trump University.

Trump bashing should be aplenty. Although I would not be surprised if we do see Sacha get pummeled to the ground. Leave it to Sacha to Make America Great Again.

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