Tekashi69 Lied About How He Was Robbed

YouTube / Tekiashi69

Tekashi69, a rapper who looks like he dipped his head in a bowl of melted Skittles, always brags about how hard he is and how no one dares go after him. Probably because he buys big buff security blankets to ride around with. All that’s changed now that people are willing to roll up to him at red lights and rob him.

On Sunday morning while driving home from a video shoot at 4 AM, two men came at him after bumping his Chevy Tahoe from behind, stole Tekashi’s driver’s iPhone and kidnapped Tekashi. They drove Tekashi back to his house where he told his girlfriend to come down with his jewelry to give to the kidnappers. Tekashi somehow escaped and reported the incident to the cops. He then checked himself into the hospital for injuries that cops don’t know how he got.

The above is the report he gave the cops. What he told friends was much different. He said a car blocked his driveway and 3 hooded men got out of his car and pistol whipped him unconscious. When he came to, the kidnappers told him if they didn’t get his jewelry and money, they’d kill him. They drove to his home while 2 of the men robbed it of $750k worth of jewelry and between $15k and $20k in cash.

Later, the kidnappers drove away with Tekashi still in the backseat. He managed to open the back door and jump out. One of them gunmen started chasing him but got scared because he was afraid someone would identify him. Tekashi then jumped into a stranger’s vehicle and begged for help. The stranger called 911 and told him to get out at an intersection.

There’s noticeably a few differences between the stories. Most likely because Tekashi69’s image is dependent on him pretending to be the hardest Rainbow Brite rapper on the block.

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