Tom Arnold Ranted About President Trump While Promoting His Search for the Pee Tape

Tom Arnold really hates Donald Trump, and like most people who really hate Donald Trump, he’s convinced that the Russian government has a video of Trump paying hookers to piss on a bed because Barack Obama once slept in said bed, an unverified claim by a former MI6 agent hired by the Clinton campaign to do opposition research on Donald Trump in a dossier so full of misinformation it’s made it impossible to separate fact from conspiracy theory about Trump’s involvement with Russia for most people. On his new A&E docuseries, Arnold is looking for the pee tape as well as other embarrassing footage of Donald Trump in an effort to force him to resign from office.

I hate to break it to Tom Arnold but there was a tape of Trump telling Billy Bush he can grab women by the pussy because he’s rich that came out before he was elected, so I highly doubt anything he finds is going to be so embarrassing Trump is forced to resign over it. There was also that whole thing where he had embarrassingly bad sex with a porn star and just this week a new thing where he bought the rights to a story about an affair he had with a Playboy model and despite all that he’s got a higher approval rating among Republicans than Ronald Reagan. Like, even if there was a video of him watching hookers pee on Obama’s bed, what are the odds that a single Trump supporter doesn’t just say “Oh wow, that’s funny, I hate Obama, too!” There will be political cartoons of Trump peeing on Obama’s head giving a thumbs while the Statue of Liberty and the Founding Fathers give him a standing ovation. Deadline reported that Arnold seemed unconcerned about the Republicans’ unwavering support for Trump at a press conference for his new show.

“I want to do this until he resigns. He’s a crazy person putting the country on the precipice of war…Things are going on right now that affect our world and that are scary,” Arnold ranted during a wild stream-of-consciousness Q&A for his program. “And, for some reason, I’m in a position to do something and it’s working and I will continue to do this until that guy resigns and the world is a little bit safer. And it is going to happen.”

“And this. And this 40% – f*ck em. Seriously,” he said, wrapping up the answer to Question No. 1 about eight minutes after it was asked.

Arnold has apparently also gotten his hands on behind the scenes footage from Trump’s time on The Apprentice, and he had nothing nice to say about producer Mark Burnett.

“I would love Mark Burnett that sits at that [National] Prayer Breakfast. I’d like him to stand and up” and talk about the “lies and sexual harassment and incompetence” of Trump, the comic said.

“I’m going to keep hammering Burnett until he shows” those tapes,” Arnold announced, claiming Burnett has tape of Trump using “the n-word,” among other incidents that might actually embarrass any other President of the United States.

Burnett, Arnold said, “sits next to Donald Trump and gives him cover.”

Burnett says he’s a Christian, and lets that man do all this bullshit and let a sexual harasser on this show,” Arnold scoffed.

Donald Trump saying the n-word is the maybe least surprising thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Literally the only thing less surprising would be finding out Tom Arnold is on coke.

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