Whoopi Goldberg Was About to Whoop Jeanine Pirro’s Ass on ‘The View’

The View thought it would be wise to have Fox News host and pro-Trump supporter Jeanine Pirro on their show to promote her new book. It’s never wise to have anyone from Fox News on your show unless your show is on Fox News.

The end result was Pirro and Whoopi Goldberg getting into a shouting match on the show which continued off stage.

Page Six reports that things were destined to end up like this the moment Pirro entered the studio.

“When Jeanine arrived on set she was looking for a fight and refusing to be on with Ana (Navarro), demanding [Ana] not be in the segment,” an insider said. “[Pirro] was yelling at [‘The View’] executive producer and her staff like, ‘You need to handle this.’”

Ana Navarro, an anti-Trump CNN personality, was filling in for Joy Behar.

While Pirro’s beef may have started with Navarro, it ended with Goldberg. Pirro accused Goldberg of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, which sounds like the worst mental disease ever. Goldberg shot back, expressing her disgust for Trump and his ability to whip up hate. Goldberg ended the segment with a quick goodbye.

But things didn’t stop there.

Goldberg left the stage, but the fireworks went off again with the cameras off: Backstage when the two crossed paths, a source told us, “Jeanine tried telling her she’s fought for victims her whole life.” That’s when “Whoopi got in her face and said that they’ve known each other a long time, but still, ‘F–k you, get the f–k out of this building.’ Jeanine looked stunned.”

Another source told us, “Jeanine could have walked by her. There was one more segment to do. She could have walked by her easily, she put her finger in her face and said, ‘I’ve done more for abused women than you will ever do’ and that’s when Whoopi said, ‘You and I have never had a problem,’ before everything else was said.”

Pirro might be a judge, but that just means she’s good at telling others what they did wrong. She doesn’t want real smoke with Goldberg, who looks like she can scrap with the best of them.

Goldberg eventually apologized on-air. She should have apologized for having Pirro on to begin with.

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5 years ago

Imagine that, again the view can’t have opposing ‘view’ from their own. Biggest hypocrites on tv.