50 Cent Caused and Then Broke Up a Stripper Fight

It’s good to be 50 Cent. You can roll into a strip club and throw so much money at the ladies that you start a fight. According to Page Six, 50 took it upon himself to divide up his tips when the strippers and bartenders started fighting over him.

Scantily clad sources tell Page Six that after spending the evening showering the topless ladies at Angels jiggle joint in Flushing, with singles, the rapper was spotted scooping up armfuls of cash from the stage and redistributing the money so that everyone got a share of his largesse.

“He took the money from the strippers’ dance floor and moved it to the bartenders because the dancers were trying to fight the bartenders over him,” said an insider.

While some onlookers mistakenly thought the “In Da Club” singer was taking back the cash he had lavished on the dancers (not helped by the fact that Fiddy himself joked online that he was helping himself to a refund), we’re told, “He just moved it because they were trying to fight over him and his money.”

How do you not hear stories about Elon Musk and Bill Gates doing stuff like this? One of my life goals is to be in the middle of a stripper fight, it seems like it would be a good way to unwind after a long day of building a metal child coffin no one asked for and contributed nothing to the rescue effort. 50 Cent is the real hero here, Elon.

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