Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Would Rather Sleep Together Than Fight

Nicki Minaj has pushed her album release date back again. Originally slated for a June 15 release, Queen is now scheduled to drop on August 17. That’s the same day Ariana Grande’s Sweetener is due out as well.

Are the two artists beefing over sharing a release date?

Apparently not.

Grande was featured on “Bed,” Minaj’s second single on her upcoming album.

If anything, this is great promotion for both albums. iTunes should offer a discount if you buy both albums together. Do it, you cowards.

With the way things have gone for Nicki’s album thus far, Ariana won’t have to worry about competing for sales. I blame Beyonce for all the trouble Nicki is having with her album. Calling it Queen was a mistake from the jump.

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