Arianny Celeste Goes Topless on Instagram to Boost Follower Count

UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste surpassed three million followers on Instagram. She celebrated by taking her top off.

Three million followers might seem like a big deal, but that’s pretty low compared to real Instagram famous models. For example, Emily Ratajkowski has over 18 million followers. And she’s not on television and pay-per-view seemingly every weekend.

You realize how small the UFC actually is when their most popular ring girl has less followers than someone who only posts Instagram pictures.

Celeste, 32, is enjoying some free time with no UFC events last weekend or this weekend. It’s hard work doing a lap around the Octagon once every hour or so. Why else does the UFC need at least three different ring girls for every event?

She’ll return to work on August 25th when the company is back on FoxSports 1. Or FX. Or FoxSports 2. Or Fight Pass. Who can keep track which outlet they are on in a given week.

Until then, keep living your best life, Arianny. And stay away from that Conor McGregor guy. I hear he is trouble.

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