Bella Thorne Chases Off Lamest Robber Ever

A burglar tried to hit up Bella Thorne’s home, but was too scared to follow through.

According to TMZ, the burglar broke a window at Bella’s home. When she went outside to see what was up, the vandal ran away. Thorne went back inside to call the cops. By the time they arrived, the burglar was long gone.

Dude probably could have just knocked and Bella would have invited him or her in. Unless she’s not really about that “IDGAF” life.

Of all the celebrity break-in stories, this one is by far the lamest. It’s easy to know when Bella is or isn’t home based on her Instagram and Twitter feed. This person obviously didn’t do enough research. And if he or she was trying to make their move with Bella around, running away the moment she investigated is a bitch move.

In other Bella news, she was seen kissing Tana Mongeau on-stage at the Billboard Hot 100 concert. Mongeau is famous for being on YouTube.

Don’t worry, she’s still dating that one guy with bad tattoos whose name isn’t important.

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