Crazy Woman Alienates Friends, Family, Former Fiancee in Her Quest for a Kardashian-Style Destination Wedding

You know what no one wants to do? Go to your destination wedding. Seriously, if we’re going to spend the money to fly overseas, why should it be to the place that you’ve always wanted to go? Sorry if I’m not excited to go Sandals Jamaica to watch you marry your third husband Aunt Marsha, but if I’m going to get my passport renewed and spend 12 hours on a plane the last thing I want waiting for me when I deboard is my family. I’m going to take the money I would have spent on your wedding and fly to a country with cheap and easy access to prostitutes.

Of course, some people just insist on having their dream wedding, and one such example came to us this weekend from a member of a private “wedding shaming” Facebook group. Seriously, I thought Facebook was just full of horrible people, but apparently it also has people who make fun of those people, so I guess that’s something.

Hoo-boy is she right that this is worth it. Let’s take a look at the screen caps she posted.

I am intrigued. What happened here? Did someone steal her fiancee from her? Was he poisoned against her by grudges and bad behavior of the CUNTS who ruined her life? Did someoneseduce him?

They went to community college but he bought her a $5,000 ring and she decided she needed a $60,000 wedding because her psychic told her to. By the way, it was at this point that Spinal Tap star Michael McKean weighed in, saying he tapped out right there. But it gets so much better, Mr McKean.

Sheonly asked each guest for $1,500. To go to her wedding. And she essentially made $1,500 the cover charge to the wedding, calling it a “once and a lifetime party.” Yeah, for her and no one else. I wouldn’t pay $1,500 to go to a wedding if it had an open bar stocked with unicorn tears that I could drink while the Maid of Honor and Best Man took turns blowing me.

What’s shocking is that 8 people actually agreed to send her this money, and she had the absolute gall to complain that “only” 8 people RSVPed. “What is $1,500?” Bitch, that’s a mortgage payment. Maybe more than one.

This is the climax right here. Her fiancee said “Hey, this wedding is making you so absolutely insane that you could have a YouTube channel talking about ‘the SJWs’ so how about we just elope instead?” and her responce is to bitch at her best friend for suggesting she not expect everyone around her give her $45,000 for a wedding.

The cherry on top of this rediculous cunt sundae is when she says “I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day.” So go f**k a rapper and let him pee on you, problem solved.

Just fucking give me money for my wedding.

Someone who knows her confirmed that watching the Kardashians broke her brains, and she wants lip fillers like Kylie Jenner. Kylie took those out, girl! You’re wearing last season’s lips!

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Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson
5 years ago

What a useless bitch!

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson
5 years ago

What a useless bitch!