Demi Lovato’s Drug Dealer Is Too Drugged Up to Feel Real Sorrow

Demi Lovato’s drug dealer doesn’t seem too bothered by the fact that she nearly died.

Brandon Johnson told TMZ:

“100 percent she knew what she was taking. I disclosed to her that (the pills) were not pharmaceutical. That they are stronger. She understood fully. It was unfortunate what happened. But for people to think they was any misconception on my behalf is absolutely ridiculous.”

Johnson went on to say that he wasn’t sure what was mixed in with the pills. He also implied that he and Lovato had a sexual relationship, something Demi’s friends deny.

He states many times that he cares for her and that she’s his friend, although giving your friend unknown pills when she’s already drunk and leaving her passed out is a pretty dick move. Not that we should expect drug dealers to have a moral compass.

“It’s definitely a wake up call for her, obviously,” Johnson says in the most douchebag comment of all douchebag comments.

As previously reported, Johnson was arrested in March for narcotics, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun and $10k on him. He was arrested again in June for a DUI and cocaine possession. Somehow, he’s allowed to roam the streets and talk to TMZ without the cops immediately arriving to arrest him. America.

Lovato is thankfully alive, out of the hospital, and in rehab. Johnson will soon be appearing on Celebrity Intervention. You’re not 100 percent sure if I made that up or not.

You can listen to the full interview below. I am not responsible if you listen to the interview and immediately want to seek him out and punch him in the face.

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