Elizabeth Hurley Is Modeling Swimsuits At 53

Elizabeth Hurley is basically the entire world’s sexual fantasy. Don’t believe me? Last year’s most popular porn searches (aside from lesbian and hentai), according to PornHub, were things like “MILF,” “mom,” and “stepmom.” That points to Elizabeth Hurley who both smoking hot at 53 and always taking pictures with her son and other young, male family members that would make Donald Trump blush.

Liz, it’s great that you and your son are close. I love my mom and we have a great relationship, too, but the last time she put her hands between my legs was before I was old enough to wipe myself.

Does she have her hand in his back pocket here? Seriously, if you like watching mothers appear to be inappropriately sexual with their sons, you’ll love Liz Hurley.

Even if that’s not your bag, Elizabeth still looks so good. She went swiming topless a few days ago and posted a video on Instagram.

Here she is playing with a hula hoop. Very disappointed this isn’t a video.

She’s actually selling a line of bikinis that she’s wearing in these pictures, but man, how many 53-year-olds would make good bikini models?

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