It’s Elizabeth Hurley Swimming Topless

Scientists should study Elizabeth Hurley’s body because there’s a force field around it in which gravity doesn’t exist. End result is her boobs stay perfect forever.

What is Hurley doing right?? She once said her diet was eating once a day, but now she’s revised that to a big breakfast and lunch and a small dinner. And swapping out wine for vodka with lime and seltzer. Oh, and lusting after her son. That last part is a weird diet tip, I suggest you don’t do that.

Hurley Instagrammed a video of her swimming underwater then popping up while grabbing her breasts. This is what Kevin Systrom had in mind when he invented Instagram. He told his engineers to find a way for the world to share photos to bring society closer together. In the end though, everything comes down to boobs.

Why did Hugh Grant leave her? That dude got married to someone who’s definitely not Elizabeth Hurley.

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