Everyone Was Trying to Get at Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Ariana Grande performed at Aretha Franklin’s funeral Friday afternoon which was officiated by Bishop Charles H. Ellis III and attended by Bill Clinton. But no one was talking about what a great of an officiating job Bishop Charles Ellis did or how presidential Bill Clinton looked. They were talking about how Bishop Charles Ellis tried to titty grab Ariana Grande and how Bill Clinton practically eye fucked her.

Let’s start with the Bishop who seemed to get real handsy with Ariana’s side boob.

Jesus. At least buy the girl some dinner first.

Then there was Bill Clinton who looked at her like she was a piece of perfectly cooked steak.

You could practically hear his erection tearing through his pants in this gif. If he stared at her any harder, his eyes would literally be popping out of his head like a cartoon dog.

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5 years ago

Pathetic lecherous old men (Bill and the bishop, not all men) can’t keep their boners in check at a funeral. Gross. I don’t know how Ariana restrained herself from shoving or slapping the snot out of that preacher. At LEAST Bill was just leering. The look of tension on her face….her body language of pulling away…..every woman knows that feeling. Every woman under 250 lbs and above a 3 on the hotness scale that is.