Jim Carrey Tried His Best to Draw a Tribute to Aretha Franklin, Even If He Made Her Look Like Betty White

Bless Jim Carrey’s weird little heart, he just loves to make drawings. They’re roughly of the same quality you’d expect if he was asking mommy to hang them on the refrigerator, but he’s got a Twitter account so he shows the whole world. His latest masterpiece was a drawing of recently passed singer Aretha Franklin, and it’s… uhhh… an interesting interpretation.

She looks very… what’s the word here… white. That is a white woman you’ve drawn there, Jim. Some people tried to say it’s because she’s supposed to look washed out from “going into the light” but there’s no way she’s that washed out. She looks whiter than a Trump rally in that drawing.

I was not the only person to notice Jim Carrey drew a white Aretha Franklin.

And at least one fan did a much better job than Jim with a tribute drawing. Good work guy, you get a gold star.

Of course, Jim may have put the cap on his brown marker a bit too soon, but he got a reprieve when Fox News used a picture of Patti LaBelle. No, really.

This became a bit of a meme itself.

But it was The Onion who won the day. Natch.

And just in case you don’t get that joke, like a lot of people on Twitter seemed not to… that’s Gladys Knight.

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