John Goodman Says Roseanne Isn’t Racist and Talks About ‘The Conners’

It looks like when Roseanne comes back as The Conners, Roseanne’s character Roseanne will be killed off. At least that’s what John Goodman said in his first interview since Roseanne was fired for her tweets about Valerie Jarret. I was hoping that they would have gone with my suggestion that she be replaced with Sarah Chalke.

Killing Roseanne off makes a lot of sense. When the last season ended, she was headed for surgery on her knee and expressed her fear of dying during the operation. Following on from that plot point and killing her off wouldn’t even be a stretch.

Theoretically this closes the door on Barr coming back to the show, but they killed Dan off and brought him back with a meta joke and basically ignored all the changes made to the show during it’s final season. I’m sure something similar could happen in the event that Barr manages to redeem herself in the eyes of the public.

For his part, John Goodman said that Roseanne isn’t racist, something he claimed to know for a fact. I think that might be true. I’m not convinced Roseanne’s animosity for anyone is based on race, it’s based on a guillible belief in an absolutely insane conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theory is a little racist but mainly it’s just stupid.

I don’t think another comeback for Roseanne is very likely, though. The show was a classic of television in the era that it was on, and the continuation has been relatively good, but Barr never really achieved much success outside of it. She’s been off-putting to the public for her entire career, and even though she’s very funny, her baggage has basically prevented her from any number of opportunities long before anyone had ever dreamed up this QAnon nonsense.

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