Kendall Jenner Loves Showing Her Boobs

Kendall Jenner loves wearing nothing and LOVE magazine loves Kendall Jenner. Combine the two and what do you get? Kendall Jenner wearing nothing for LOVE magazine.

Believe it or not, Kendall was playing a character in this video.

“I was wearing a brown wig, crazy makeup, and they were like, OK, hold this teddy bear. And the next one – I don’t smoke cigarettes, so they light this cigarette and they’re like, can you hold it? And I’m like, OK, now I’m the badass fucked-up girl.”

I didn’t see her holding a cigarette in the video. Only Marley Mackey — or as I like to call him, Not Ed Westwick — was caught smoking. But sure. Not smoking and then being asked to smoke in a video totally makes you screwed up in the head and bad ass.

Let the record show Kendall is a method actor not unlike Daniel Day Lewis.

Here’s a longer version of the video:

Where is her Oscar?

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1 year ago

i wanna sex her now

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