Kendall Jenner Pissed Off Every Single Runaway Model in the World

The Kardashians are famous for a number of reasons that I’m sure someone somewhere knows. I personally have no idea, but I can tell you what’re not famous for; they’re not famous for being thoughtful, intelligent, empathetic or generally having an awareness that there are people in the world other than them.

Kendall Jenner is no exception to that (Kim is, though), as made obvious by a statement she gave to Love magazine. Here’s what she said in an Instagram post that was since deleted, via Vanity Fair:

“Since the beginning we’ve been super selective about what shows I would do. I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the f**k those girls do. More power to ’em. But I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else. The whole combination was very overwhelming and I started to freak out a little bit and needed to take a step back.”

You know who wasn’t happy about her “I’m too good to do runway modeling choosey moms choose Jif” schtick? Actual runway models who don’t have the luxury of having all that O.J. Simpson trial money and the fame that comes with being the sister of someone who got peed on by a rapper. Hey, I remembered what they’re famous for!

Of course, after a bunch of models called her out on her bullshit, Jenner made this statement through a representative:

“The quote was taken out of context. Mid-thought she realized the number of shows some models walk a season is closer to 80. The point was that it’s their path and ‘the more power to them.’ She admires their hard work and dedication. It’s an accomplishment.”

Being a model is hard work. I mean, it’s not, it’s just walking a little over halfway across a room without falling and finding a way to disguise your eating disorder as a fad diet, like the “cotton balls dipped in apple juice” diet. It is a lot harder than whatever the hell Kendall Jenner does, which as far as I can tell is post half-naked pictures on Instagram while talking about being shy.

“OMG I’m such an introvert! Anyway, here’s my tit.”

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