Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen Get Extreme, Freakish Body Mods for Art Exhibit

Hey ladies, how would like to have high-heeled shoes made of seashells grafted onto your body so that you can never take them off? Does that should like torture to you? Well, someone is making it into hypothetical reality, which I suppose means fiction.

Simon Huck’s art exhibit, A. Human, explores the kinds of body modifications he expects to see once th science allows it and people get bored with just covering every inch of exposed skin on their body with tattoos and piercings.

Kim Kardashian showed off an under-the-neck necklace with light-up LEDs.

Chrissy Teigen, not one to be outdone on the weird scale, had a truly nightmarish feathered wing look on her chest that she showed off on Snapchat.

Queer Eye star Tan France had something that looks like vagina-gills with rocks sticking out of them put on his neck.

Andreja Pejic got some shoulder-horns put on. It’s freaky, but it doesn’t detract from how good she looks topless. I didn’t even notice the horns at first.

These are not actual body modifications at this point, they’re just done with prosthetic at this point. Maybe someday people will have these actually done, though. I think we all know someone who got a pet snake and then got a full sleeve tattoo that looks like their arm is rotting because the snake didn’t give them enough attention, so there’s absolutely a market for this sort of thing.

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