Kim Kardashian Hints Tyson Beckford Might Be Gay

Kim Kardashian is good at posting pictures on social media. Throwing shade? Not so much.

It all started when Tyson Beckford chimed in on a potential botched Kardashian surgery. Beckford wrote about Kardashian’s surgery:

“Sorry I Don’t care for it personally.

She is not real, doctor fucked up on her right hip.”

Spot the lie.

Instead of letting it slide or explaining the picture as being taken from an awkward angle, Kardashian fired back in the most petty way possible.

“Sis we all know why you don’t care for it.”

Beckford is married to Berniece Julien, a female, so alleging that he plays for the other team is a pretty big accusation. Either Kim is outing him, making a homophobic comment, or is just really bad at clapping back. It’s mainly the latter, but that won’t stop everyone from freaking out anyway.

It’s unlikely either will apologize anytime soon. Kim is too busy watching The Handmaid’s Tale and Beckford is too busy doing whatever Tyson Beckford does.

Maybe he’ll get a nice bottle of perfume next year as an olive branch.

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