Lady Gaga’s Sorry She Claimed ‘Zombie Boy’ Killed Himself, Death Appears Accidental

Over the weekend, we learned about the tragic death of Rick Genest, known as Zombie Boy, at the age of only 32 years old. Genest was known for his outlandish appearance, having been covered from head to toe in tattoos designed to make him look like, well, a zombie.

Genest’s death was unexpected, and Lady Gaga, who featured Genest in one of her videos, was quick to tweet her condolences on his suicide and to implore anyone feeling suicidal to seek help rather than take their own life, which was, in general, a kind gesture on her part.

The only problem is Genest didn’t commit suicide, his death was accidental, according to a statement given to People from his manager Karim Leduc.

“For us, the family and close entourage, we feel there’s too many inconsistencies around his death to rule it as a suicide, and for people to jump to conclusions that rapidly was disappointing,” Leduc said. “The balcony from which he fell on the third floor was a very dangerous balcony … It’s a balcony that has very small rails/guards — an emergency/fire escape balcony – and he was leaning his back towards it like sitting on the ledge of the rail, and he fell from his backside onto the floor.”

Now, Lady Gaga didn’t do anything wrong here as the Canadian police had ruled Genest’s death a suicide, but even so, she deleted her tweet and made another one apologizing drawing the wrong conclusion.

I mean, she’s doing her best. It has to be hard to be solemn when all your clothes either shoot fire from the nipples, expose your vagina or are made of meat.

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