Lance Bass Is Very Mad He Didn’t Get to Buy the ‘Brady Bunch’ House

Life has been hard on Lance Bass. He’s spent the past 20 years trying to be an astronaut without success, and now he’s been gazumped out of buying the Brady Bunch house. Honestly, it kind of feels like he cemented all his life goals when he was eight years old; I’m expecting the next headline I see him in to read “Lance Bass Wants a Pet Dinosaur.”

Bass explained what happened on Instagram, and it basically boils down to Bass made an offer that was accepted, and after the bidding period a Hollywood studio came in and said they’d beat any offer and Bass was discouraged from making a higher offer.

According to an article about the situation on, this sort of action is legal in California, and an offer isn’t considered legally accepted until the paperwork is actually signed by the seller. But realtor Tyler Drew told the site that he doubts everything that happened was “above-board,” and that if the seller’s agent really discouraged Bass from putting in a higher bid then he may have acted unethically or illegally in his duty to the seller.

People are a bit obsessed with the houses from TV shows lately. The Full House house had to put up signs asking people not to piss off everyone else on the block when they stopped for pictures. People realize that they only used these houses for establishing shots, right? The Bradys didn’t actually live in the house, they filmed the actual show in a studio.

Me, I want to live in the apartment from The Big Bang Theory. Living there was apparently all it took for Johnny Galecki to get into Kaley Cuoco’s pants, so I’m pretty sure it’s actually magic.

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