Lily Aldridge’s Fire Sex Got Her Pregnant Again

Lil Aldridge is pregnant with her second child. The supermodel took to Instagram to make the announcement.

Aldridge is married to Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill. The two have been married since 2011. They currently have one child together, six-year-old Dixie Pearl.

In an interview with Porter last year, Aldridge said, “I am so proud to be a mom; it’s the greatest achievement in my life without a doubt.” She added that her daughter is her best friend.

Oh boy, Dixie is about to have some major jealousy issues in nine months.

You know it’s summer when supermodels are announcing pregnancies. Their respective husbands see them parading around the beach on a bikini and they want to get busy once they get back inside.

And who can blame them? I imagine that Aldridge’s sex is on fire.

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