Logan Paul vs. KSI Was No Worse Than CM Punk in the UFC

KSI and Logan Paul “fought” over the weekend. I watched so you didn’t have to. Although, admit it, you probably watched as well.

Who won?

No one. It was declared a draw. One judge scored it for KSI. The other two judges scored it a draw. Thus, it was ruled a majority draw. The two agreed to a rematch prior to the first fight, so the first bout ending in a draw isn’t all that surprising. Some might say the fight was fixed, but it wasn’t it. It was just six rounds and a 3-3 tie was a very real possibility. That’s the risk you take when you have an even number of rounds.

But who really won?

KSI. I had him winning 4-2. He lost the first two rounds, but rallied back to take the final four because Paul gassed.

Was it as bad as advertised?

Amazingly, no. I’ve seen a lot of bad combat sports in my day from actual professionals. I’ve watched the UFC try to sell people on CM Punk as a professional fighter. This fight was never that. It was two amateurs fighting and it looked like what you would expect an amateur boxing bout to look like. Logan Paul looked like a competent fighter in the first two rounds, using his reach and jab to keep KSI away. He’d clearly been studying his Conor McGregor tapes because he had nothing after the first couple of rounds. And KSI smartly poured it on.

No one expected it to be a “great fight.” It was a spectacle in every sense. A year after Mayweather-McGregor. And no worse.

Anything else happen?

Logan’s brother beat KSI’s brother. Then called out Chris Brown.

This happened:

And that wasn’t even the weirdest boxing occurrence over the weekend:

[Ed. note: Here’s Paul walking out after the fight with Chloe Bennet]

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