Michelle Rodriguez’s New Boyfriend Is a Model Half Her Age

It’s a big day for feminism and the sisterhood or whatever, as Michelle Rodriguez is out in the world showing Tobey Maguire that it’s not just irrelevant male actors in their 40s who can date models half their age. Extra reported that 22-year-old male model Jordan Barrett showed a video of him and the Fast and Furious star on his Instagram story, and you can still see a picture of him on the yacht on his Instagram.

I think it’s a good thing, why should Leonardo DiCaprio have all the fun? Michelle Rodriguez is a big star despite the fact that almost everything she’s in is absolutely terrible. I mean serious, I can’t make it through any of those Fast and Furious films and I’d rather watch my parents have sex than see five minutes of any of the Resident Evil films, but at least Lost had a coherent and easy to follow storyline.

Maybe I’m being cynical and Michelle is bringing this gorgeous blonde twink on her yacht because he’s such a great conversationalist. In fact, I would bet money that he has a certain linguistic cunning.

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