Model Tammy Hembrow Ends Up Face Down at Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Party

Ain’t no party like a Kylie Jenner party because a Kylie Jenner party gets shutdown.

For her 21st birthday, Jenner celebrated at The Delilah in Los Angeles. Attendees included her sisters, her mom, and a bunch of model friends. Police shut it down because it went past the 2 a.m. closing time. Only Kendall should be out that late. She’s the only one without a kid.

Unfortunately for one guest, her party ended early. The Blast reports that a model by the name of Tammy Hembrow was found face down on a stretcher outside the club. She reportedly suffered a “medical emergency.” So that’s what we’re calling drinking too much, now?

Don’t worry, she made a full recovery and will be ready to party again for Kylie’s 22nd birthday.

Hembrow, 24, is a mother of two and YouTube and Instagram famous with over one million subscribers on YouTube and 8.6 million followers on Instagram. Khloe Kardashian has called her an inspiration for how she got back into shape after giving birth. She’s part of Khloe’s “Good Squad,” which is what Khloe calls those who have not cheated on her while pregnant. It’s also what she calls those who promote her Good American line of denim.

She and fiancĂ© Reece Hawkins split in early June. A week before Jenner’s birthday, he was spotted grinding with another model, Imogen Anthony.

Were there no guys at Jenner’s party to console this young lady?

Hembrow updated fans on her status in a recent YouTube video, saying she had been awake for 30 straight hours, wasn’t taking care of herself following the break up, and had been drinking.

Never mix alcohol with emotions with a Kylie Jenner birthday.

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