Naked Man Stops Car Thief, Calls Himself ‘Naked Ninja’

Imagine that you and your girlfriend are in bed, naked, and all of the sudden you hear your car alarm going off. You look out the window and see someone in the driver’s seat, lights flashing and alarm blaring. What would you do?

If you’re Stephen Cullen of Newcastle, you jump out of bed, out onto the street, and tackle the would-be car thief completely naked. Completely. Like, not even wearing socks naked.

Oh yeah, there’s cameras everywhere in the UK. There’s almost 2 million CCTV cameras in UK, so pretty much everything that everyone does at any time is caught on camera. You ever read that book 1984? It’s kind of like that, but with more cameras. So yes, there is video of Stephen tackling a guy bare-ass naked.

According to The Sun, Stephen reacted to the situation by telling people “I’m the Naked Ninja.”

Not only does Stephen tackle people naked, he’s also a decent fellow. Once he and his girlfriend realized the person trying to steal the car was just a kid, around 17 years old, they decided to let him go. Police picked him up later in the evening, but the couple declined to press charges,with Stephen saying “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

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