Naked Woman Takes a Stroll Outside Camden Yards

I have a long history of hating YouTube prank channels. In general, they aren’t funny or entertaining, they’re just some jackass running around saying dumb, usually racist stuff. What Sacha Baron Cohen does is a prank, what most YouTubers do is usually either child abuse or yelling fire in a crowded theater.

I may have to change my opinion, however, because of Jen the Body Painter. Jen’s pranks involve taking attractive, naked women and sending them to walk around in public. Of course, the gag is they’re in body paint, but it’s still better than running around yelling about how you have a bomb or telling your kid they have cancer.

Jen’s latest prank sent model Ashley to Camden Yards in body paint, but only on the front of her body, leaving her entirely exposed in the rear.

This should be America’s national pastime. I assure you walking past Ashley was much more exciting than watching a baseball game.

A previous prank saw Jen sending a model on a Tinder date in body paint. Her date didn’t notice until the end of the evening when they stepped out in the rain, but he seemed to like her anyway.

It’s nice to see there’s finally a prank channel I can get behind.

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