NBC Tried to Kill Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein Expose

One of the reasons that Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with doing all the horrible things he did is because he had powerful connections. For example, Weinstein’s lawyers made “campaign donations” to the DA who declined to prosecute Weinstein and then to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after Cuomo ended a probe into whether the lawyer had done anything wrong by making the “donation” to the DA.

Weinstein also has connections in the entertainment industry, and The Daily Beast is reporting that NBC not only spiked Farrow’s Pulitzer Prize winning expose on Weinsein while he was employed by the network, but also that Susan Weiner, a lawyer for NBC, threatened Farrow after he left NBC to try to keep him from running the story at another outlet, although an anonymous spokesperson for NBC denied it. Man, issuing your official statement anonymously takes some real balls. It’s like saying “Yeah, I’m lying and I absolutely don’t want my name associated with this Baghdad Bob level of denial of reality, but I’m gonna say it anyway.”

The source of NBC’s reluctance to move forward with the story is rooted in NBC News President Noah Oppenheim’s desire to be a screenwriter; he was basically feeding Weinstein information about the investigation Farrow was doing to win favor with him, although Oppenheim blamed NBC Chairman Andy Lack.

That’s just one guy who kept telling Farrow he “didn’t have enough” proof Weinstein was up to no good despite having much of the same information he had when he eventually published his piece, including eight women willing to talk on camera about Weinstein’s misconduct. I imagine Weinstein being dragged into a prison cell yelling “And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for Frank Sinatra’s meddling kid!” Oh, sorry, I mean Woody Allen (not really).

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