Nicki Minaj Cut Safaree with Words and a Knife

Nicki Minaj released her latest album Queen last week to fantastic reviews. Everyone agrees that Nicki has pushed Cardi B off the throne. For now.

But with great success comes an ex-boyfriend who wants to drag the Queen.

Safaree alleges that Minaj tried to kill him with a knife at some point during their relationship. And that she tried to do it at least twice.

Safaree and Minaj were together from 2002 to 2014. They got engaged in 2008.

Not one to back down from a war of words — she is a rapper, after all — Minaj responded.

Her tweet doesn’t exactly deny the knife incident, just potentially justifies it as he was stealing her money.

On a 2014 track titled “Bed of Lies,” Minaj raps:

“I could tell you lying, get the f**k out, don’t yell at me/
I ain’t mean to cut you, I ain’t wanna catch a felony.”

Rappers admitting to criminal activities in the name of music will never get old.

Of course, the beef didn’t end there as the two went back and forth over Safaree’s hairline and dick pics.

Nicki promises more tea will be spilled on Queen Radio on Thursday.

Sorry Safaree. It doesn’t matter what you actually have to say. You can’t go up against the Queen and expect to win.

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