Nicki Minaj Mad at Kylie Jenner, Doesn’t Understand How Billboard Chart Works

Nicki Minaj is salty that Travis Scott’s album is selling better than hers.

Minaj is referring to the Billboard charts, where Scott’s album Astroworld is still listed as No. 1. However, it doesn’t look like the chart has been updated this week to reflected Minaj’s recently released Queen album.

Basically, Nicki is complaining about nothing. But shhhh, no one tell her.

Minaj claims that Scott’s album is selling better thanks to Kylie Jenner using Stormi to promote Scott’s album.

Not only did Minaj take aim at Scott and Jenner, she went after Spotify for not properly promoting her latest release.

Minaj, possibly realizing her mistake or just trying to alleviate the situation, backed off her comments.

Minaj will be seated in front of Scott and Jenner on Monday at MTV’s Video Music Awards. You don’t have to actually watch the show. Nothing will go down.

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