Norm Macdonald Spent Hours Answering Lena Dunham’s Most Vapid Tweets

There are two universal truths about comedy: very few people do it better than Norm Macdonald and very few people do it worse than Lena Dunham. Very late Saturday night/Sunday morning, these two worlds collided as what I can only assume was a bored, insomniac Macdonald who just started answering all off Lena Dunham’s dumbest tweets, treating them with faux respect as if she were actually as interesting as she thinks she is.

The results are some of the most low-key hilarious tweets I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, Norm deleted them all later in the day. Fortunately, yours truly figured that either that would happen or Dunham would block him, so I took screenshots of the best ones.

If you read one of these tweets and then close your eyes, you can see Norm putting his hands under his chin and speaking in an exaggeratedly excited tone. You might think calling her “Young Lena” is infantilizing her, and it might be, but she also wrote an essay about how she infantilizes herself, saying “So, like the high school quarterback who can’t stop milling around the football field well into middle age, I have just continued to dress like a full-scale baby,” so I think Norm gets a pass.

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barney hiller
barney hiller
5 years ago

There were so many more funny ones too. Norm just roasted her lol, can’t wait for his new netflix show.