North America’s First Sex Doll Brothel Shut Down Because the Dolls Can’t Give Consent

Guys, I know you were all really excited to have sex with a doll that a bunch of other dudes had sex with before you, but alas, it is not to be for Toronto residents. “The man” decided to ruin everyone’s good time and revoke the lease for the Aura Dolls sex doll brothel based on some obscure law limiting sex retail shops to industrial areas of North York.

I’m not sure how successful these things really would have been. I mean, a lot of people are probably curious. I’m curious about what these things are like, but they costs thousands of dollars and I’m not nearly that curious. I don’t know if I’m curious to have sex with used sex doll, either, though.

But there’s a part of the story that really got my hackles up, and it was that objections to the sex doll brothel were predicated on the complaint that the the dolls weren’t giving consent. You know, because they’re dolls. And I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking the same thing: no one is stupid enough to complain that a dude is fucking a sex doll without consent. Well, someone is stupid enough.

Brandy Sudyk, who lives in North York, said it’s critical to consider that as a society we appear to endorse the normalization of enabling men to use inanimate objects — created to look much like real women — however they want.

“In the mind of the person using these dolls, one is clearly imagining being with a woman, but not having to consider consent or dignity as an aspect of sexual interaction,” she said.

“How do we know that men who engage in these activities won’t bring this attitude and behaviour into their interactions with real women, who are already objectified and exploited in the sex trade?”

Every time someone says something like this, it gives me a headache. A sex doll is an inanimate object. You don’t need consent to stick your dick in an inanimate object. If you’re going to put it in a person, yeah, you need to make sure they’re okay with it. If you’re going to put it in a coconut or a Fleshlight or a sex doll, you do you, guy. I mean, I don’t really recommend the coconut thing, but you don’t have to ask the coconut for permission to f**k it.

I can’t imagine being the kind of person who hears about a sex doll brothel and their first thought isn’t “who wants to f**k a used sex doll,” but “having sex with a doll is basically rape, if you think about it.” Also, in related news, Siri is a series of algorythms that analyses speech and answers question using a database; it’s not a lady who sits in your phone that you should be saying “please” and “thank you” to.

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5 years ago

Wow the writer of this piece really didn’t get what she was getting at. Yeah it’s an inanimate object but it’s made to look and feel like a real women, considering mental health, a society that already objectives women and has a strong backing to continue… how about this what If the sex dolls were all men, or animals or alien looking creatures, just not look like a gender that is already subjected to harassment, inequality, sex trade, sexual assault, and etc. People are so stuck on what freedoms and rights they are losing they forget about the people it… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
5 years ago

This is about as zany as that one woman who accuses all mothers who breast feed their babies of sexual abuse and incest, and the other that insists mothers and fathers need consent from their babies to change their dirty diapers.

The world is full of crazy people.

A guy that escaped the Canadian gulag
A guy that escaped the Canadian gulag
5 years ago

People like Brandy Sudyk are the kind of people that have changed Canada into the kind of place I never want to live in again. I will take my productive, tax-paying, educated, toxic masculinity and go be creative and productive in a less suicidally retarded jurisdiction, and satisfy more deserving females there instead. Up yours, Canada.