Sophie Mudd’s Neverending Journey to Find Bikini Tops That Fit

Who is Sophie Mudd? Your new favorite Instagram model. She’s been called the next “Emily Ratajkowski.” Let’s not jump the gun here, but she’s in the race.

Just how old is Mudd?

She can’t even legally drink. Mudd turned 20 on July 27. Everyone wish her a happy belated birthday.

If you were interested in her bra size

Not sure why you need to know her bra size, you perv. You’re not some fashion designer, but Mudd wears a size 32DDD/32F bra. Yes, her boobs are all natural.

But where are her naked, topless pics???

Unfortunately for you, she’s never been topless or naked. Well, probably not in the way you’re hoping.

Still, better than nothing, right?

Go satisfy yourself with these GIFs instead

Hey look! It’s Sophie walking. It’s Sophie talking into a camera. What talent.

Go follow Sophie Mudd on Instagram so she can sell you some Fit Tea or something.

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