‘The Hills’ Reboot Is Here and I’m Here for It

You guys. It’s happening. It’s really happening.

The Hills: New Beginnings is a real thing that will be on our television sets in 2019.

Before you get too excited, the people you care about aren’t likely to appear. That means no Kristin Cavallari, who has her own reality show Very Cavallari and no Lauren Conrad, who is way above reality television. Also, Lo Bosworth won’t be part of the show. I have no clue what she’s up to nowadays, but I know she probably wants nothing to do with things if Lauren isn’t involved.

Instead, we’re going to be subjected to the lives of Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge, Jason Wahler, Justin Bobby, Stephanie Pratt, Whitney Port and Frankie Delgado. You know, the people you don’t actually care about and the ones who haven’t grown since becoming reality famous.

Seriously, remember when they tried doing a spin-off with Whitney and it failed miserably?

Along with most of the original cast, a celebrity and two bloggers will be part of the show. I cannot confirm nor deny if I am the celebrity.

Basically, this whole show is a vehicle to make Speidi relevant again. I respect the hustle.

We can all thank the success of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation for this reboot. That show proved people care about reality stars a decade later, even though they all have kids and are way more boring.

That said, I’m going to watch. Of course I’m going to watch. I’m part of the problem. But at least I recognize it. I’m most excited to see if Audrina still has terrible taste in men and can’t recognize when she’s being used.

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5 years ago

I’m psyched for the reboot of the Hills. I’m glad Audrina is on board. She was always the most down to earth of the cast. Plus she is the most beautiful!! I’m hoping the show is a big hit!!! Rock on Audrina!!!