Tristan Thompson Can’t Keep His Hands to Himself, Punches Draymond Green

On the basketball court, Draymond Green is annoying and likes to kick people in the dick. Off the basketball court, he’s just annoying. On the basketball court, Tristan Thompson is harmless and rather useless. Off the basketball, he’s dating a Kardashian and cheated on her while pregnant.

Both these guys suck.

In Game 1 of the NBA Finals, they got into a “NBA Fight,” which is code for “two guys talk a lot and act tough but nothing happens.”

Follow Game 4, Draymond dissed Thompson by not shaking his hand.

While celebrating his latest championship, Green took another shot at Khloe’s boyfriend, saying they weren’t “cut from the same cloth” and calling him “soft.”

Reminder, no one is tougher than Draymond when there’s a less than one percent chance of anything happening.

But when there’s a chance of something happening? Well……

Depending on the source, Draymond got punched or face shoved. Either way, he wasn’t talking much after it happened. Thinking Tristan isn’t cut from the same cloth is proof Draymond doesn’t keep up with the Kardashians. Because if he did, he would know that Tristan is not afraid to screw around and put his hands on someone who isn’t Khloe.

On the basketball court, this rivalry is boring and one-sided. Off the basketball court, let them fight.

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