‘Veronica Mars’ Revival So Close I Can Taste the Sweet Marshmallow

Veronica Mars might return to television.

Thank you Based God Hulu.

Entertainment Weekly reports that both star Kristen Bell and original creator Rob Thomas are on board. Gonna be weird in Hollywood when Bell has the best comedy and drama on television.

Entertainment Weekly states that the show would have a limited run of eight episodes. Hulu should stop production on The Handmaid’s Tale and put all their resources into Veronica Mars. The Handmaid’s Tale sucks. Don’t @ me.

We’ve heard about a Veronica Mars revival in the past. Bell and Thomas have never shot down the idea and have seemingly wanted to do it for years. But Bell has been busy with other projects and Thomas is still trying to convince fans that he’s not the leader singer of 3 Doors Down.

They tried to do a spin-off with Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television. But no one liked that show because no one watched Veronica Mars for Ryan Hansen. Literally, no one.

For those not wanting a Veronica Mars revival because the movie was average at best. Just stop. The movie played the hits because it was funded by fans. A new season would be more like the original series, which was forking awesome. I’m the first person to complain about Hollywood remaking and rebooting shows. I will not complain about this. And neither should you.

Have faith in Kristen Bell. She’s never steered us wrong yet. Except for Movie 43. But that was her agent’s fault. I assume he/she was fired.


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