Versace Photoshopped Bella Hadid Into a Pixar Character

Can you spot Bella Hadid in this Versace ad?

That’s her dead center, even though it doesn’t really look like her. I don’t know what’s going here, who sees Bella Hadid and goes “Boy, we’ve got to do something about that face. Let’s photoshop her until she’s unrecognizable, that will fix our ad campaign!”

The comments on the photo including things like “She’s so pretty why did edit her so much ?” from justinlove22 and abifelle asking “which one are you?” So not a great start.

Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about, so here are some pictures of Bells looking like Bella instead of some weird uncanny valley Versace mannequin.

Very different. For starters, she looks human, and not like a robot sent from the future to make John Conner buy his girlfriend and overpriced handbag.

Is that the entire front end of a Dodge Ram she’s wearing as a belt? That’s a bold choice.

Looks less similar to each other than the other models in that Versace ad.

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