Weird Al Finally Gets a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You know, when i was a kid I used to love Weird Al Yankovic. I think everyone did, I mean, he has the best hair ever, he’s like Samson reborn. He’s also one of only three artists to have a Top 100 hit in four different decades (the others being Madonna and Michael Jackson, who actually had at least one Top 100 song every decade going back to the 1960s). And who doesn’t love a guy who writes a grammar lesson to the tune of a weird rape anthem?

Weird Al is finally getting the recognition he deserves with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The singer announced the good news on his website along with details on the unveiling and location of the star.

Al will be getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, August 27 at 11:30 AM. The ceremony is FREE and open to the public. Speakers include Dr. Demento, Thomas Lennon and, of course, Al. The star will be at 6914 Hollywood Blvd., right across the street from the Chinese Theatre – come on down and celebrate with us!

This news comes shortly after the Hollywood City Council voted to remove Donald Trump’s Hollywood Boulevard star, which keeps getting defaced anyway. That’s probably not going to happen, however, as the vote was only a suggestion and it’s the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce who makes those decisions and they’ve been pretty firm on the idea that stars won’t be removed for any reason. And if they didn’t remove Joan Rivers’ star after she harvested all those parts from drifters, they’re probably not going to remove Trump’s. That hasn’t stopped people from suggesting Weird Al should get Trump’s star, however.

That one doesn’t specify the star should be replaced, so I can get behind it. Make Weird Al president, how much worse could it possibly be? He did a pretty good job replacing Reggie Watts and Kid Cudi on Comedy Bang Bang, it’s not like being President of the United States is going to be harder than that. One guy literally had Alzheimer’s and had to be lead around by a trail of jellybeans. But I digress.

It is funny that Weird Al, who is by any measure one of the most successful recording artists of all time, is getting a Walk of Fame star after Donald Trump, who got a star for producing the Miss Universe pageant, a thing no one watches that isn’t even as good as the other beauty pageant no one else watches.

Anyway, congrats to Weird Al, he’s earned this. He wrote a parody song about his parent’s tragic accidental deaths, that’s dedication to a craft.

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