Wife Tried Getting Pregnant from Anal Sex for 4 Years, Husband Quietly Went Along With It

Women’s bodies are complicated. There are two holes close together that have very different purposes. Only one hole can be used to potentially conceive a baby.

A couple in China kept doing it in the wrong hole.

They spent four years shooting for a baby and when they went to a doctor to figure out what was wrong. Dr. Liu Hongmei, who said he could fit “fit three fingers inside” the wife’s anus, told them.

The wife explained that the sex was unusually painful, which, yeah. The doctor gave them a Sex Ed handbook, but let’s be honest, they are way past needing a Sex Ed handbook. They need full ride scholarships to an entire sex college. If that doesn’t exist, it should exist just for these two.

After learning how to properly have a baby, the couple quickly became pregnant. As a gift, they sent the doctor 100 eggs and a live hen. That’s a pretty redundant gift.

CNN notes that 22 percent of teenagers in China don’t how to sex properly due to the lack of a proper sex education course. Welp, I have found my calling. Someone pay me to teach sex education abroad. These Chinese teens are going to look at me like a God.

The couple’s names were not mentioned in the article. Because they might be clueless about sex, but they know how the internet works.

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