Wife Tried Getting Pregnant from Anal Sex for 4 Years, Husband Quietly Went Along With It

Women’s bodies are complicated. There are two holes close together that have very different purposes. Only one hole can be used to potentially conceive a baby.

A couple in China kept doing it in the wrong hole.

They spent four years shooting for a baby and when they went to a doctor to figure out what was wrong. Dr. Liu Hongmei, who said he could fit “fit three fingers inside” the wife’s anus, told them.

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The wife explained that the sex was unusually painful, which, yeah. The doctor gave them a Sex Ed handbook, but let’s be honest, they are way past needing a Sex Ed handbook. They need full ride scholarships to an entire sex college. If that doesn’t exist, it should exist just for these two.

After learning how to properly have a baby, the couple quickly became pregnant. As a gift, they sent the doctor 100 eggs and a live hen. That’s a pretty redundant gift.

CNN notes that 22 percent of teenagers in China don’t how to sex properly due to the lack of a proper sex education course. Welp, I have found my calling. Someone pay me to teach sex education abroad. These Chinese teens are going to look at me like a God.

The couple’s names were not mentioned in the article. Because they might be clueless about sex, but they know how the internet works.

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