Angelina Jolie Has Staged Pictures to Prove She’s a Good Mother

Angelina Jolie wants the world to know that she’s the best mother ever.

According to Page Six, Jolie hit up Sunset Boulevard not once, but TWICE!, in the past couple of days with her kids. Everyone knows that you only go down Sunset Boulevard if you’re trying to get snapped by the paps.

Well, everyone in Hollywood knows this. I didn’t know it. But I live on the opposite coast and there are no paparazzi in North Carolina. Especially not with Hurricane Florence coming through.

Jolie and Brad Pitt are still going through a divorce and there appears to be no end in sight. Jolie publicly filed court papers that claimed Pitt was a deadbeat dad. Even though she wants to jet off to Europe to film a movie while he wants to remain in California to film.

Pitt filed papers of his own, claiming he loaned Jolie a million dollars to buy a house. Come on. I know Jolie hasn’t had a hit movie in years, but there’s no way she needed an extra million just to buy a house.

If Jolie wants to prove she’s a good mother, I have some tips for her:

*Get the kids in school instead of taking them shopping
*Tell them to tweet nothing put nice things about her and nothing but mean things about Pitt
*Make a movie that doesn’t suck. Seriously, what was the last good Angelina Jolie movie? Probably Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Maybe they should do Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2: Divorce Court. You know that would kill at the box office
*Be a good mother
*Adopt another kid because kids solve every relationship issue

Maybe we’ll get a resolution to the Pitt-Jolie divorce by the time Knox gets his first girlfriend. He’s 10 and famous, so that should be sometime next year.

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