Asia Argento Just Keeps Digging Herself a Deeper Hole, Claims 17-Year-Old Raped Her

Have you ever just wanted to tap someone on the shoulder and tell them to take the L and move on with their life? Someone needs to do this for Asia Argento. Since the public found out she paid off a young actor over an alleged sexual assault, she’s done everything she can to avoid taking responsibility, and she’s had one of the most spectacular public meltdowns this side of Harvey Weinstein.

Argento has been publicly denying anything happened, and she’s been claiming that Anthony Bourdain, her late partner who isn’t here to defend himself, is the one who paid off Jimmy Bennett, the young man she seemingly admitted to having had sex with when he was 17, which is under the age of consent in California where the act occurred.

Argento’s latest strategy is to claim that Bennett raped her. At least she did claim he was asking for it. I mean, she kind of did. The thing is, her whole “I froze when he made a move on me” thing isn’t actually a defense for statutory rape; even if the minor is the one who instigates the sexual act, the adult has the legal duty to stop it.

I don’t think anyone actually believes Bennett raped Asia Argento, and it casts a shadow over her accusations against Weinstein at this point. Now, Weinstein has been accused of a lot of terrible things by a lot of people who aren’t Asia Argento, so this doesn’t mean much for Weinstein, but I don’t think Argento has any credibility at all anymore.

Unfortunately for Argento, it turns out that being called a rapist by someone who allegedly molested you doesn’t sit well with most people, Jimmy Bennett included. TMZ has reported that Bennett has filed a report with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, and unlike the recent cases the DA couldn’t pursue, Argento’s alleged actions didn’t happen long enough ago for the statute of limitations to save her from prosecution.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
5 years ago

Good. F**k the scag.