Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend Shauna Sexton Is Just Getting All the Way Naked on Instagram While He’s in Rehab

Ben Affleck is in rehab for his drinking problem, and that means he’s mostly been separated from his 22-year-old Playboy Playmate girlfriend Shauna Sexton. This is bad news for Affleck because while h’s away she’s spending all her time being naked on Instagram, just barely skirting the social media site’s rules on nudity. How barely? Take a look.

She must have really tiny nipples, because she’s got really tiny snow globe emoji covering them.

Again, it doesn’t take much to cover her nipples.

None of this can be making rehab easier for Affleck.

At least once he gets sober he’s got a few months of sleeping with her until they get bored with each other. That’s probably a good motivator.

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