Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner Split, Simmons Now MVP Frontrunner

Congratulations Sixers fans, your national nightmare is over.

Ben Simmons has officially moved on from Kendall Jenner.

The two made headlines earlier this summer when they were spotted hanging out and going on dates together. It never seemed all that serious as Jenner was also going out with Gigi Hadid’s younger brother, but anytime Jenner is linked to a sports stars, fans of that team should start to worry. It’s possible that Jenner ruined Simmons’ offseason workouts with how much attention she requires, but he was recently spotted working out with LeBron James. So he should be just fine.

A source told Hollywood Life that Jenner is the one who ended the relationship.

“Kendall is the one that pumped the breaks on things with her and Ben and it all comes down to her being afraid of getting hurt, or worse, him breaking her heart. She started to really like him and that brought up a lot of fears for her.

“A big part of what made her put things on ice with Ben was the trip to Mexico. They had such a good time but when they left Ben had to go straight to Australia it was hard on her, she missed him. Feeling needy is the worst thing for Kendall so her way of coping was to start talking to other guys again. She’s still talking and texting with Ben, she’ll definitely see him again, but she’s not going to make him the only one. In her mind it’s either play or get played and she’s just not willing to let that happen to her.”

“Play or get played” is probably not the mindset you want to have if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

Don’t feel too bad for Simmons. On top of being a rich NBA player, he’s already moved on to someone new.

Simmons has been dropping into the Instagram comments of model Ashley Moore.

The two recently started following each other on Instagram, a clear sign that things are going down in DMs.

Moore previously dated NBA player Devin Booker. Hopefully, Simmons shooting his shot on Instagram goes better than him shooting his shot on the court.

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