Beyonce Is A Witch

A woman who used to be the drummer for Beyonce claims the singer is not a Queen, but is instead a Witch.

Kimberly Thompson, who drummed for Beyonce for seven years, is filing a restraining against Queen Bey and her reasoning is…odd. Here’s what The Blast reports:

She claims that for some reason, Bey has started a campaign of harassment against her, that includes “Extreme witchcraft, Dark magic” and “Magic spells of sexual molestation.” She also claims the “Lemonade” star murdered her kitten. Thompson believes Beyoncé has been taping her phones and controlling her finances

Her request for the restraining order was denied by the judge. Damn that Beyonce, using witchcraft on the judge as well.

Thompson posted a YouTube video a couple of months ago that shows her under Beyonce’s spell.

I don’t know if Beyonce is a witch or not. It would certainly explain the power she has over people, but if that’s the case, then a lot of people are witches. We should settle this like they used to do in the 1400s. That worked out well for everyone, right?

Beyonce probably doesn’t have time to dismiss — or confirm — any witch stories as she’s still busy with her On The Run II Tour.

Queen Bey recently reunited with former Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson.

For those that don’t know Roberson. It’s ok. Neither does anyone else. This comes a week after Beyonce reunited with the other forgotten member, LeToya Luckett-Walker.

Nice to see Beyonce taking time out of mixing potions and practicing spells to remember those less fortunate that her.

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