Comic Ted Alexandro Laid Into Louis C.K. at The Comedy Cellar

A few weeks ago, Louis C.K. started testing the waters for his comeback to stand up comedy at The Comedy Cellar in New York. Ted Alexandro did a set there recently, and he said some… opinions on Louis, along with Bill Cosby, and he posted a video of the beginning of his set to YouTube.

Let me just say, Ted was blistering right out of the gate.

Thanks, guys, for almost clapping until I made it to the stage. What, does a guy have to be convicted of sexual assault to get a standing ovation? What do I have to do up here? Do I have to take my dick out? What do I have to do for you to cheer my arrival at the stage? Ask yourselves that. You know where you are.

By the way, I was shocked to find out that guys just taking their dicks out was a common thing for women, but apparently it is.

What’s with this PC culture? It’s suffocating, right? Do you want to live in a world where a man can’t politely ask a colleague if he can take off all his clothes and masturbate to completion? Is that where we are as a culture?

Of course, Ted had good things to say about Louis, too.

Why can’t we just let Louis go back to writing jokes about how men are the greatest threat to the safety of women? But he doesn’t just write jokes, he walks the walk. And I think that is to be commended. He’s a performance artist.

Wait a second, that’s not a good thing at all! I’ve been duped!

The debate on Louis’s comeback is far from over, but I think that it’s inevitable no matter how many people say he shouldn’t. His fan base is large enough that it’s mostly going to be in tact, and clubs aren’t going to care how many people don’t want to see him as long as enough people to fill the room do want to see him. Maybe Netflix won’t buy his new specials, but he did exceptionally well selling them on his own website before and I imagine he would be successful if he did that again.

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